pickleball just got waaay more stylish


diink began when a group of friends discovered their genuine love for pickleball. They couldn't believe how easy it was to get started, and how many genuine smiles would cross people's faces when they tried the sport. Some people would just come for fun but everybody came to win!

And with that, they knew they had to bring more diink to people’s lives.

diink is where performance and innovation meet youthful exuberance. We're all about adding a splash of color, personality and a twist of fun to the game we love. We've reimagined pickleball gear with a modern flair but without sacrificing performance. Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, and high fashion, our mission is to infuse sophistication and whimsical energy into every serve and volley. We're here to make a powerful and colorful impact on your favorite pastime, all while honoring the competitive spirit that makes pickleball great.

Join us on the court, and let's serve up some excitement with diink - where competition/ performance meets a whole lot of fun!