Botanical Bliss Pickleball Paddle

Sale price$97.00

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our paddles are designed for performance.  Start dominating the court - because looking good is almost as important as playing well. 

Embrace the wilderness on the court with this paddle that brings a touch of the great outdoors, showcasing natural plant motifs to honor your connection to nature. Don’t let the name fool you…this paddle packs a blissful punch.


  • The ultimate blend  of power, spin, forgiveness and maneuverability
  • Crafted with top-tier materials for unrivaled durability, ensuring your focus remains solely on your game
  • Enjoy marathon playing sessions with our ergonomically cushioned grip, experience the perfect balance of comfort and control
  • Experience unparalleled accuracy with an expansive sweet spot, making your shots unreturnable to opponents
  • Sweat resistant for durability
  • Custom silicone branded ring and finished a glossy diink logo
  • Embroidered and durable paddle cover for storage


  • The ultimate blend of power, spin, forgiveness and maneuverability
  • Premium Carbon Fiber Surface that is durable and maximizes spin
  • Polymer honeycomb core that is lightweight & powerful (7.8 oz – 8.0 oz)
  • 16” H x 8”' W; ½” Thickness
  • 5” handle length with 4 ¼” circumference grip with cushioned foam used in high performance racquet sports and wrapped in a custom vegan leather