GM-300 Pickleball Paddle

Sale price$97.00

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our paddles are designed for performance.  Start dominating the court - because looking good is almost as important as playing well. 

Elevate your game with the GM300 (Green Machine 300). Its timeless design, combining green and gold, exudes sophistication and commands respect. Go to battle with this iconic paddle that merges style and the ultimate performance


  • The ultimate blend  of power, spin, forgiveness and maneuverability
  • Crafted with top-tier materials for unrivaled durability, ensuring your focus remains solely on your game
  • Enjoy marathon playing sessions with our ergonomically cushioned grip, experience the perfect balance of comfort and control
  • Experience unparalleled accuracy with an expansive sweet spot, making your shots unreturnable to opponents
  • Sweat resistant for durability
  • Custom silicone branded ring and finished a glossy diink logo
  • Embroidered and durable paddle cover for storage


  • The ultimate blend of power, spin, forgiveness and maneuverability
  • Premium Carbon Fiber Surface that is durable and maximizes spin
  • Polymer honeycomb core that is lightweight & powerful (7.8 oz – 8.0 oz)
  • 16” H x 8”' W; ½” Thickness
  • 5” handle length with 4 ¼” circumference grip with cushioned foam used in high performance racquet sports and wrapped in a custom vegan leather